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Larch's Learnings-  Welcome to Year 5

This term, we will be:

In Science, we will be focusing on materials. There will be a strong emphasis on experiments as we devise, carry out and evaluate investigations including how to separate different materials, what makes a good thermal insulator, how to recover a material from a solution, which changes are reversible and how some changes result in the formation of new materials. 


In English, we will begin the term by writing postcards about our summer holidays and get to know each other better by writing poems about ourselves. Then, through the use of two exciting and engaging fiction texts (The Wolves in the Walls and Cosmic), we will be addressing key Year 5 skills linked to grammar and sentence construction, ensuring that essential prior learning is embedded. Later in the term, we will explore an intriguing non-fiction text, The Monsterology Handbook, and use this to inspire our own non-chronological reports about mythical creatures. There will also be a weekly spelling focus. 


Our maths learning this term will include place value to one million, fractions including decimal equivalents, adding and subtracting increasingly large numbers, multiplication and division including formal written methods, problem solving and reasoning activities. We will continue with our regular fluency sessions and weekly times tables activities.  


Our History and Geography work this term will focus on the local area. We will begin with the story of Highfield Oval in Harpenden: researching the living conditions at the time of the Industrial Revolution to find out why children were brought out from London to begin a new life in Harpenden. Then we will research what a river system is and the main rivers of the world before walking to Batford Springs to study the River Lea at first hand.  


During P.D we will focus on ‘Being me in my world’ and ‘Celebrating Differences’.


In Religions and World Views, we will consider what we already know about the Christian and Jewish faiths and develop our understanding of the rules by which people who follow these faiths live. As the calendar year draws to a close we will reflect upon the importance of light in religious festivals, especially at Christmas. 


In n P.E. we will be working on Gymnastics and Dance as well as focussing on developing our overall fitness. 


In French, we will be learning vocabulary linked to eating out and hobbies. 


In Computing, we will begin by undertaking an exciting crash course in coding using Purple Mash, 2Code! We will master coding skills by exploring design and putting computational thinking into practice. These coding skills will be used to create our own programs that control or simulate a physical system, i.e. changing the speed and angle of moving objects. We will also continue to learn about online safety and how to use the SMART rules as a source of guidance when online. 


In Art, we will begin by focussing on the natural world: drawing and printing seedheads and then we will respond to the work of Chris Ofili in Black History Month. We will then use pastels to respond to the river work of Monet. In food technology, we will research and bake a range of traditional Christmas biscuits.

Meet the Year 5 Team

Mrs Gardener/ Mrs Maclachlan- Teachers

Mrs Parkins - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mottley- 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mr Holmes- PE

Meet the Teacher

Year 5 End of Year Expectations

Recommended Reads for Year 5

What do I need at school?​

  • Water bottles – you child will need a water bottle every day

  • A healthy snack for break times- no nuts- please refer to our Healthy Schools policy for guidance

  • Reading books and reading logs -  to be brought in everyday

  • A pencil case with list if resources as shared at meet the teacher

  • Coats - we will be going outside in all weathers so please bring a coat every day

  • PE Kit – a fully named PE kit should be at school every week.  Please remember that all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.

  • Home learning books to be sent in every Monday

  • A hat in hot weather

  • Old shirt or painting apron – for painting and craft

  • Library books 

Knowledge Organisers





Religions and World views


Design and Technology

Home Learning

Times Tables Practice

Please don't forget to use TT Rockstars to practise your times


Log in details are your child's home learning book.

Use these other sites to practise too! 

Hit the button

Coconut Multiplies

Camel Times Tables

Cross the Swamp

Maths is fun

Useful Websites:​

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