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Rowan's Report-  Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 class page! We hope you have had a wonderful summer and are ready for a fun-filled year of learning! Please remember to bring your reading book and reading record into school every day.  P.E. lessons are on Tuesdays and Fridays- all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons..

This term, we will be:

In English, we will begin by revising and consolidating previous English work and skills from Year 2.  We will focus on narrative, non-fiction and poetry genres. The children will also be completing reading, handwriting and spelling activities. We will study a range of traditional tales,fables, play scripts, instructions and poetry. 


In Maths, we will begin by revising and consolidating previous Maths work from Year 2.  The children will be working with numbers to 1000 within the following topics: number, money, shape, space and measure and data handling.  The children will explore these topics through mental maths, practical and written work. 


In Science, we will be investigating ‘Forces and Magnets’. The children develop their exploration and working scientifically skills by planning and carrying out experiments.  ‘Animals including Humans’ – children will identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food. They identify that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection & movement. 


In Geography & History, we investigate The UK - the different counties, cities and towns, beaches, rivers and seas.  We will introduce the idea of prehistoric times – from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age and Iron Age to develop their awareness of chronology.  We will then study the Iron Age Celts in more depth. 


In Computing, we will begin by focusing on word processing.   We will experiment with different font sizes and effects and develop basic editing and drafting skills.  We will also practise entering text with more than two fingers.  E-safety will also be a huge focus over the course of the year.

In PE,  we will making progress in Gymnastics - In this unit, children focus on improving the quality of their movement, tension and extension. The children plan and perform sequences of contrasting actions, and develop flow by linking actions smoothly and planning variations in speed. 


In Art and D+T,  we will focus on the life and work of William Morris. We will be creating our own William Morris inspired art work, using printing blocks that we will create ourselves.  We will taste test, design and make our own fruit smoothies.  In Music, 


In Music we will be learning to sing a song called ‘Let Your Spirit Fly’ - an R&B song especially written for children and will be performing a song for Harvest Festival.  


In PD, we will begin Year 3 with a huge focus on well-being and nurture We will reinforce how to stay safe and healthy and link this to hand hygiene

Our other main focus is that of cooperation and class rules. The children will learn about setting personal goals, how to face new challenges postively and understand how our actions can affect other people.  We will also be creating a class charter linked to the whole school expectations. 


In Religions and Worldviews,  children will learn about aspects of Christianity and Islam. They will explore and describe a range of beliefs, practices and symbols in order to understand different ways of expressing meaning in these religions.  The children will start to describe, make connections and reflect upon different features of the religions and worldviews studied, discovering more about the significance of pilgrimage, worship and the joy of celebrations. 


In French, we start with greetings, numbers 1-20 and age. In the second half of the autumn term, we will also learn the months and how to say numbers 20-31 in French.

Meet the Year 3 Team

Mrs Wiltshire- Teacher

Mrs Byford - PPA teacher

Mrs Vass - Teaching Assistant

Mr Holmes- PE teacher

Meet the Teacher

Year 3 End of Year Expectations

Recommended Reads for Year 3

What do I need at school?​

  • Water bottles – you child will need a water bottle every day

  • A healthy snack for break times- no nuts- please refer to our Healthy Schools policy for guidance

  • Reading books and reading logs -  to be brought in everyday

  • A pencil case with list if resources as shared at meet the teacher

  • Coats - we will be going outside in all weathers so please bring a coat every day

  • PE Kit – a fully named PE kit should be at school every week. (our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday).  Please remember that all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.

  • Home learning books to be sent in every Monday

  • A hat in hot weather

  • Old shirt or painting apron – for painting and craft

  • Library books – we swap each Friday 

Knowledge Organisers






Religions and world views



Home Learning

Times Tables Practice

Please don't forget to use TT Rockstars to practise your times tables. 

Log in details are your child's home learning book.

Use these other sites to practise too! 

Hit the button

Coconut Multiplies

Camel Times Tables

Maths is fun

Useful Websites:​

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