Growing Curious Minds
With care, support and friendship the Sauncey Wood family mission is to welcome, educate and enrich every child, providing a personalised and outstanding education where children are actively encouraged to challenge themselves and others to achieve their full potential.


  • To provide a secure, stimulating, caring and happy learning environment for all

  • To encourage all to achieve their potential

  • To give each child a solid foundation through a sound value system, and to encourage participation in all aspects of school life

  • To develop a partnership with parents/carers, and good relationships with the local community

  • To promote tolerance and respect for each other, valuing and supporting the endeavours of each other

  • To effectively resource and implement the National Curriculum through a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum

  • To acquire learning skills and an understanding of how to learn.

  • To create situations that will encourage children to work collaboratively, co-operatively as well as independently


Co-operation     Resourcefulness      Reflectiveness     Perseverance       Curiosity

Celebrated weekly in our Celebration Assemblies.