Willow Class

We have read the story of Flat Stanley. We have made our own Flat Stanley and thought about what we would do if we were flat. We have recorded a news bulletin and written a newspaper article.

We wrote about where we would go and what we would see if we could fly like a kite (just like Flat Stanley!) We followed instructions to make a kite.

We are enjoying reading to Ginny, our therapy dog. She visits with Mrs Hymas every Tuesday and we read our books to her. Every week one person is chosen to take Ginny for a walk around the field and give her instructions. She is always very calm and listens well to our stories.  

In numeracy we have been learning about right angles, acute and obtuse angles. We looked for examples around the school and at home.

We have been learning about units to measure length. We learned about millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres. We chose the correct units and estimated length before checking our answers. We found out how many kilometres from England to Australia – but we had to use google – our ruler wasn’t long enough!

We are learning about weight and how to weigh using grams and kilograms. We are going to weigh ourselves and decide if we are heavier or lighter than some animals. Do you know if you are heavier or lighter than a cheetah?

Marvellous maths

In maths, we have been looking at number, counting, place value and calculations.  The children have been using all sorts of manipulatives including base 10 blocks, bead strings, 10's frames, numicon and counters to help their understanding and show their learning. 

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