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Our Little Libraries are officially open!

Sauncey Wood’s Little Libraries were officially opened today by the Angus family who kindly donated the funds to have 2 of our very own Little Libraries built by a local carpenter. Our Little Libraries are a creative idea that aims to promote literacy and bring our school and local community together through their shared love of books. One of our accessible book exchange boxes is situated at the front of the school for our children, parents and local community to borrow books as long as they are returned for others to enjoy. Our second Little Library is on the school field for children to enjoy at break and lunch times.

Rachel and Steve Angus said, "Alanna's needs can be described as exceptional. Sauncey Wood met her needs in every way they could. The past 5 years that she's attended Sauncey Wood, the school did all they could to support Alanna's education and they did it so very well. Sauncey Wood provided Alanna with such a positive educational experience we wanted to mark it by donating some money to enable the school to grow it's inclusive resources. We wanted the donation to provide something inclusive - not limited and the Little Libraries that the school have implemented are just perfect. We wanted to say 'thank you' to Sauncey Wood for all that you do and to have a little something of Ali's legacy here is very special to us. Sauncey Wood has a 'can do' attitude and is definitely 'THE' inclusive school of Harpenden".

Mr Lloyd said, “We cannot wait to see this idea in practice. If you would like to borrow a book from our Little Library, please do come and have a look at the books available- all we ask is that you take good care of the books and return them when you are finished for others to enjoy. Our Little Library will be open Monday-Friday- 7.30-4.30. Happy Reading!”

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