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Top Table = Happy Lunch Times

Here at Sauncey Wood we are encouraging happy lunch times for all. We have introduced some news ideas that we will be trying until Christmas and hopefully if successful these new initiatives will continue into the Spring term. Following pupil voice, we have introduced play leaders- our year 6 play leaders have taken responsibility for organising games and activities at lunch times to encourage all children to be active.

We have also introduced two new certificates- one of which will be awarded in our Celebration Assembly on a Friday, the other is a star award awarded daily- if a child is awarded a star during the week, they gain the privilege of having lunch at the top table on a Friday with staff and a special treat for pudding. Stars are awarded for trying something new, eating all their lunch daily, being a positive role model and having good table manners. We have also started to play music at lunch times. Please ask your children about these changes.

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