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Governor's Data Meeting 14th December 2016

The meeting was attended by Steve Lloyd, Helen Parkinson, Helen Fitzakerly and Liz Redway.

The KS2 results were discussed and reference made to the new curriculum, cautious marking and the new assessment framework – the guidance on which keeps changing and is likely to do so again.

Actions are in place to increase progress and attainment:

  • Inset days planned on reading writing and maths in new year, including comprehension, to ensure back on track

  • A renewed focus will also be placed on guided reading, including refreshing reading buddies

  • Planned pupil premium spend

  • Small group work

  • Mr Lloyd is spending 1 hour per week doing Maths in year 6 for further focus

  • We agreed to review year 4 and 5 data in detail at the next data meeting

  • We agreed a further review of KS2 data in April following the pilot SATS, of assessment and moderation

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