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School Improvement Meeting, 6th June 2015

The School Improvement Committee, members of which are Liz Redway (chair), Emma Robinson, John Burt, Caroline Thomas, Helen Parkinson and Ryan Hockley met on Tuesday 6th June 2015. They were joined by new parent governor Ray Clark.

Discussion included the current attendance figures which are showing good improvement over last year, a disappointing response to the initiative regarding setting up a working party to consider pupils’ behaviour and the school’s anti-bullying work, how new starters at the school are inducted to ensure clarity of ethos, safe working practices etc. and the review of a number of curriculum centred policies including RE and Science.

There is likely to be a vacancy for a parent governor from September 2015 so if anyone with a child at the school would like further information about what the role involves, please do contact or approach a current member of the team in the playground.


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