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Resources Committee Meeting on 20th January 2015

The Resources Committee which comprises of Rachel Angus (chair), Claire Tate, Ryan Hockley, John Burt, Helen Parkinson, Helen Fitzakerly (nee Leigh), Linda Williams, Joana Miranda met on 20 January 2015.

The governors were given updates on health & safety, school finance, and staffing.

The main discussion points were focussed around finance & budgeting, including an update on budget forecasting for the coming financial year. It was noted that buildings and maintenance still cost us a large proportion of the budget (despite recent improvements), and will continue to do so going forward, due to the age of the building.

Therefore extra contingency money will need to be put aside for this & costs should be closely monitored. Mr. Burt also gave an update on the recent internal audit report.


Various policies were updated & ratified, as appropriate & necessary, at the meeting.

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