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Oak Class TT Rockstar Battle Winners


Oak Class Student Showcase

Keep checking back to see all the wonderful learning the students have been doing at home.

This week in history it was all about the Maya Gods and Maya Death Masks.  Some students chose to do a power point on the Maya Gods.  Click on the picture to see a wonderful power point.

 Home Learning Expectations


Over the coming weeks, Oak Class will be diving in to some exciting home learning!  This will be delivered in a variety of ways so please make sure you and your child are visiting purple mash regularly and are checking your email.  

Ms Tedford will be sending out power points via purple mash email to help with some of the lessons. 

You can expect:

  • 3- 4 maths lessons per week

  • 3- 5 English lessons or purple mash 2 do activities per week

  • 1 Science lesson/activity per week

  • 1 History lesson/activity per week

  • 1 Computing lesson per week

Ms Tedford will be combining as much of the History and English lessons as possible.  That means your child will receive information for History via a power point or through purple mash and then at the end of the lesson there will be a writing activity for your child to do.

Ms Tedford has also chosen a class reading book from the Purple Mash Library, The Haunting of Rose Cottage.  You child will be expected to read a chapter per week (this will be sent as a 2do in purple mash) and then will complete various SPAG, reading comprehension and short writing activities (also sent as 2dos in Purple Mash.

Your child will also have a school-wide Discovering the Decades project filled with activities to spark their curiosity. Our decade is the 1940's which ties in nicely with our WW2 learning from the beginning of the year.  Research this decade and produce a project sharing everything you find out.  This project will be shared when we return to school.  Happy discovering!  There are some questions to get your minds going but feel free to add anything else that you do find out.  We hope to have a whole school sharing afternoon of the work produced so please make it the best it can be. 

Home Learning Week Beginning

18th May 2020



Maths LO: Who was Fibonacci?  What is the Golden Rule?

History LO: Discovering  Ancient Maya Food.

English LO: Which was more important to the Maya: Corn or Chocolate?  Prepare a debate/comparison on this topic.

Tuesday- Zoom Meeting 11:00am please refer to email in purple mash.

Maths LO: Finding Fibonacci numbers/patterns in nature.

English LO: Read Chapter 5 The Haunting of Rose Cottage and complete the reading comprehension.


Maths LO: Continue researching Fibonacci.

English LO:  Compare the characters in the story The Haunting of Rose Cottage.


Maths LO: TT Rockstars class arena battle 10.00am

English LO:  Finish off your history writing and purple polish

Science LO: 



Maths: Go on a Fibonacci number hunt in nature and record anything you find that demonstrates Fibonacci numbers or the golden ratio in action.

If you are finished everything you can complete a few pages out of your maths CGP

English:  Finish up any stray 2dos, work on your decade project, choose a take your pick activity or tick list activity.

Have a fantastic Half Term Break!

Knowledge Organisers

Stop Motion Animation

This week in school, Bubble 2 have working hard to produce stop motion animation videos. Check them out here:





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