I hope everyone has had a relaxing break and is ready for an exciting Spring Term filled with magic, globalisation, airplanes and much more.

The children have been so busy these past few weeks and have risen to the challenge of learning at home.  I am so proud of all their hard work and effort. 

Oak Class Home Learning Plan

Dear Y6 Parents,

With the term now three weeks old, we thought we would write to you with an update and a few reminders about remote learning in Year 6.

We have been so impressed with the children’s attitude during our live lessons. They have shown great enthusiasm and remarkable perseverance. Last week they completed some amazing pieces of writing on our Harry Potter topic.

Below are a couple of reminders about our Zoom lessons:

  • Our Zoom lessons are at 9am every morning. In this session we introduce the work for the day and then at 2pm we have a quick feedback session where children are asked to share their work. We also check if there were any problems or questions.

  • For maths we are setting the children online lessons from Oak National Academy. Many of the children are happy to complete these independently. However, if children feel they would like more support in their maths, they can stay on Zoom and at 10am we will help them through the lesson in smaller steps. A number of children have been doing this and it has been lovely to see them working so hard.

  • Every week we have set an additional maths problem for children who want to challenge themselves. These are usually practical in nature or might involve a game. At 11am on a Friday we have held an additional, optional Zoom session to discuss their solutions.

  • Science and geography lessons are emailed to the children and are set weekly. The children can complete them at a time that suits them through the week.

  • We do ask that the children keep cameras on where possible. This is for safeguarding reasons and also so that we can see that they are engaged and listening. We do appreciate that this may not always happen due to limited broadband or issues with devices, but our expectation is that this is not the norm.

  • We ask that children send us their work in whatever format is easiest. This can be an email, a photo or even dropping their work into school – all three of us are in school for the key worker children at some point in the week. It is really important for us to see what the children are doing, so that we know how to progress with our lessons.

  • Details of all lessons are sent to the children on their Purple Mash email. They can also use this email to contact us.

We are conscious of getting the balance right between contact with us over Zoom and limiting screen time. With this in mind, we have set the children some outdoor activities to do this week which include a nature photography challenge, a treasure hunt and an art collage. Further details will be emailed to them. We will ask the children to share their creativeness with us on our 2pm Zoom on Friday.

For those children that don’t have access to a printer and would prefer printed copies of home learning packs for English, these can be provided and left at the office for you to pick up when convenient. 

Of course, learning can take place in many different ways. Reading, cooking, watching Newsround, going for a walk, playing a board game or doing a craft activity are all valuable educational experiences. So, if the children are engaging in these sorts of activities, you can rest assured that they can and will make progress academically when they return to school.

Please do contact us with any concerns or feedback. This is still a completely new way of working for us and we are learning ourselves. If your child is feeling overwhelmed or is struggling to focus, there are things that we can do to help them.

We hope you are all safe and well and we can’t wait to see the children in person back in school.

With kind regards,

Ms Tedford


Mr Hairon


Mrs McKenzie


Oak Class Student Showcase

Workout Challenge
Workout Challenge

how to fly a broom
how to fly a broom

HP Howler
HP Howler

Workout Challenge
Workout Challenge


This past week, we have been busy writing Harry Potter inspired instructions.  Children were able to choose any topic they liked from 'How to fly a broom' to 'How to hatch a dragon's egg'.   The children also learned about the first hot air balloon flight and various types of volcanoes including what happens when a volcano erupts.

Keep checking back to see all the wonderful learning the students have been doing.

Oak Class Timetable

Week of 22.02.21


English: How do authors build tension? Read Chapter 15.



English:  Use cohesive devices within paragraphs.


Geography: What is globalisation?


English:  Explore different ways to express time, place and cause. Finish Reading Chapter 16.


Science: Check your email from Mr Hairon


English: Rewrite a scene from the point of view of Ron or Hermione.  Finish reading Chapter 17.



English: Reflect on the novel as a whole.

Maths: Arithmetic Test

Due: 01 .03.21
Remember to do the PE challenge and choose an activity from your Take Your Pick.

Knowledge Organisers

Oak Class Workout Challenge


fitness challenge om
fitness challenge om

fitness challenge hm
fitness challenge hm



Year 6 were given the challenge of getting outside and trying a new type of workout.  They had to use the the guide to spell their names and do the exercises associated with each letter.  Not only that, but they were asked to go to 3 different locations to do their exercises:  a post box, a tree and a park or somewhere in their garden.  As you can see, we had a lot of fun and improved our health and wellbeing in the process.  Why don't you try it for yourself?