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Oak Class has had a busy Autumn Term.  We have learned about Canada and wrote our first letters to our pen pals in Calgary Alberta, we have learned about World War 2 and how Harpenden was involved in the War.  We have been studying adaptation and evolution in Science and working on our engineering skills as we build bridges in Design and Technology.  As the term draws to a close, we are all looking forward to a well earned break and spending time with families during the festive season. 

With the Christmas season, comes the exciting possibility of snow.  If we are lucky enough to have a snow day, here is a list of fun-filled activities you could do.  

1.  Build the tallest snowman you can

2. Take a winter photograph

3. Make some art work in the snow

4. Write a winter poem

5. Write instructions for making hot chocolate (and drink it!!!)

6. Make an igloo

7. Investigate where snow melts quickest

8. How can you keep your snowball from melting?

9. Find out some fun facts about snow

10. Think of a snowy joke.

11. Science investigation- get some snow and bring it inside. How long can you keep it cold for without putting it in the fridge freezer?

What can you remember about insulators and conductors to help you?

12. Maths- Estimate the volume of one snowflake. Estimate the width of one snowflake.

Check if you are right!

13. English- Can you write a descriptive poem about snow? Can you use an; adverb, verb, simile or metaphor, and adjective in each verse and use all your senses in the poem?

14. Imagine that your teacher is stranded in the snow, buried up to her knees and she can’t get out. The roads are too bad to drive and the emergency services can’t get to her. She’s been there a long time and she is getting cold. She needs help quickly! How could you go and help her? Explain exactly how you would do it.( Be creative!)

15. Maths- Can you write your own maths word question that involves adding and subtracting fractions and give it to a grown up to solve.

16. Reading- read two chapter of your book. What happened in those two chapters?

Write down the two most impressive words you read?

17. Write a rhyming poem about much you have missed being in school.

18. Draw a portrait of someone you are spending the day with.

19. Draw or write something interesting about your day.

20.  Bundle up and go for a wintry walk, take pictures along the way and create a collage.

Knowledge Organisers

Keep checking back to see all the wonderful learning the students have been doing.

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