In Music we aim to promote an appreciation that music is a means of communication.  Children are given opportunities to express themselves and to be creative.  We create an understanding of our own and different cultures through the teaching of music and by introducing children to a range of musical styles. We ensure all children have the opportunity to create, perform and respond to music. 


At Sauncey Wood, children in the Early Years access opportunities through Expressive Arts and Design.  Children are encouraged to sing songs, make music and dance as well as express their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through music.  In Key Stage One and Two, children attend a weekly music assembly where that are taught singing and musical accompaniments.  Children can have independent music lessons taught by music specialists.  Children are offered the opportunity to perform in termly performance assemblies and class sharing assemblies.  The Christmas production also provides a vehicle for performance as does the end of KS2 production.  Participation in the Harpenden’s Schools’ Music Association takes the form of year 5 & 6 children representing the school at the Rotary Carol Concert and Spring Festival and year 2 singing at the KS1 music festival.  We value enrichment opportunities and welcome visiting specialists to teach individual and group music lessons.

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