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Children will gain an understanding of what music is through listening, evaluating, singing and composing across a diverse range of musical styles and genres of music throughout history.
Our music curriculum gives children the opportunity to sing, listen, evaluate and play a variety of instruments throughout their time at school. In the classroom, children will learn to play the recorder, glockenspiels, violin and djembes (African drums), along with other percussion instruments. Through the musical program Charanga, teachers are able to provide inclusive lessons to engage all children in a fun and practical way. Children are also involved in regular singing assemblies, and each class will participate in a collaborative musical production during the school year.
By joining the school choir, children have the opportunity to attend musical performances and concerts with other local schools. 
Music enables children to learn about the cultures and history of different ethnicities around the world. Children are able to express their preferences and opinions about musical genres, and can enjoy music and express themselves through creating and performing. 

Learning beyond the classroom
speak to the school office about music lessons offered to the children including drumming, flute, piano and saxophone.
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