Governor Roles – Academic Year 2020/21
Governing Body Joint Chairs -Bridgett Pym and Colin Noakes
GB Vice Chair -Jo Francis
Chair of Resources Committee -Dan Dures
Chair of School Improvement Committee- Kam Johal
Committee Membership
School Improvement 
Kam Johal
Bridgett Pym
Susan Dean
Steven Lloyd
Charlotte Photiades
Jade Harkness
Alex Voica
Carmen O’Loughlin
Kristine Jamoula
Dan Dures
Jo Francis
Colin Noakes
Steve Rees
Steve Lloyd
Tom Jeffries
Jade Harkness
Governor Links
Budget and Finance -Steve Rees
Safeguarding -Jo Francis
Policy Co-ordination -Bridgett Pymm
Health & Safety including Asset Management -Jo Francis
Staff Wellbeing -Colin Noakes
GDPR -Kam Johal
Whole School Risk -Colin Noakes
Emergency Plan -Colin Noakes
School Marketing & Website -Alex Voica
SENCO Link -Carmen O’Loughlin
Curriculum Link -Susan Dean
Complaints- Alex Voica ,Colin Noakes, Kam Johal
Exclusions -Carmen O’Loughlin, Susan Dean, Bridgett Pymm
Disciplinary -Jo Francis, Steve Rees, Alex Voica
Head’s Performance Management -Colin Noakes, Bridgett P