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We aim to nurture, challenge and inspire in everything we do at Sauncey Wood, in and outside the classroom.  Our Curriculum is designed to be ambitious, flexible, inclusive and engaging where children build on their prior learning, developing skills they need to succeed in life.   We encourage children to use our learning powers; Co-operation, Resourcefulness, Reflection, Perseverance and Curiosity to be the best they can be and inspire them through creative approaches which fuel a desire to learn.  Our intention is ensure that each and every one of children, regardless of any potential barriers to learning, receive an excellent education, make outstanding progress, become  life-long Curious learners and are prepared for an ever changing world.


  • Excellent teaching and learning, where pupils are encouraged to be curious and lead their own learning.

  • A safe environment for pupils to develop curiosity, demonstrate our learning powers and celebrate their own and others successes and achievements.

  • Participation in experiences where creativity and flexibility are values, the courage to try new things and grow their minds and children are encouraged to aim high.

  • Assessment is used well, for example to help learners embed and use knowledge fluently or to check understanding and inform teaching.

  • Work with the wider community exposing our children to diversity in the wider world and prepare our children to be good citizens

  • The school create an environment that allows the learner to focus on learning.

  • Resources and materials are selected – in a way that does not create unnecessary workload for staff – but supports our Curriculum intent.

  • Celebrate every success in or children’s learning.

  • Provide a safe, supportive and vibrant community where demonstrates respect and working together showing tolerance.

  • Provide rich and varied enrichment opportunities including clubs, trips and experiences.

  • A rigorous approach to the teaching of reading develops learners’ confidence and enjoyment in reading. At the early stages of learning to read, reading materials are closely matched to learners’ phonics knowledge.


At Sauncey Wood, our children will:

  • achieve ambitious academic success through accelerated progress

  • be prepared for the next step of learning and life development

  • feel safe and supported in the pursuits of their ambitions

  • develop resilience, creativity, and the ability and desire to be Curious learners

  • acquire appreciation, knowledge and respect for their own and other cultures

  • be appreciative of and experience all subject areas, including STEM and the creative arts

  • have their own talents nurtured and celebrated

  • be confident within themselves, have a strong sense of self-worth and responsibility

  • develop a Growth Mindset and love of learning

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