Chestnut Class

Kind hands, kind feet, kind words

It is still early days in Chestnut class and the children are still settling into the transition from Reception to Year 1. We continue to learn what is acceptable behaviour and to be reminded how to be kind everyday. We are working hard to keep our hands to ourselves and not to play overly physical and rough games at break times. 


Please can you also share this message at home with your children so we are working together to set the right and safe boundaries.

Thank you

The Chestnut Class Team

Welcome to the Spring Term in Chestnut Class!

We are very excited to welcome the children back to school and to hear about their festive breaks. This term brings our new topic on the Seaside and scientific investigations into the properties of materials.

Forest School – please ensure your child has wellies and waterproof clothing so we can do more learning in the woods this term. Protective and warm clothing such as you used in Reception class will be perfect. The quicker you can bring them in, the quicker we can go!

Thank you for all your support, fingers crossed for a happy and healthy term!

Mrs Thompson, Mrs Poyiadzis and Miss Eynon


A few things to remember:

  1. ​ Reading Books and Reading Records - please read with your child daily and bring the reading book and record to school every day. This also includes tricky words to read, learn and then spell.

  2. Learning logs - pick one activity each week and return on Mondays.

  3. Coats - we will be going outside in most weathers so please make sure you your child is dressed for the weather!

  4. ​PE kit - we will have twice a week so please bring your PE kit in on Monday, we will send it home on Fridays for washing.

  5. Water bottles - please bring in a named water bottle, we will send them home on each Friday.

  6. Outdoor learning - please ensure your child has wellies and a waterproof for outdoor learning.


Who will be teaching you:
Mrs Thompson (All week except Thursdays)
Mrs Poyiadzis (on Thursdays)
Miss Eynon will be supporting you all week.

Useful Links


Phonics Play.png

Marvelous Maths Games

There are many more on Topmarks website.   Don't forget NUMBOTS!

Try to stick to numbers 0 to 20 to calculate with but practise counting

to and back from 100 in 1s.